Whatever your problem is
You and your people will need to tackle it together
We know how to kick start your collaborative transformation.

We design collaborative solutions to solve complex problems,
to accelerate decision-making and to ensure solution robustness.


Do numerous stakeholders create complexity or richness?

Is innovation creating new things or making existing ones obsolete?

Is engaging all stakeholders time consuming or the path to robustness?

​Is agility magic forecasting or fast adaptation ?

Graphic facilitation

Improve the listening and learning experience of audiences through real-time graphic capture. We create the visual story of your conversations and presentations.

Visualize it !

Collaborative workshop

Design the way forward to tackle your wicked problems. Start by getting the right people in the room. We facilitate stakeholder alignment, problem identification and resilient solution building. 

Accelerate it !

In-house consulting

Set out for the transformation journey. Strengthen your collaborative capacity by spreading the knowledge and know-how. We accompany you and your employees to create the conversation, to develop new ways of working and to help to adapt when needed.

Internalize it !



We believe in active learning.

Learning should not be a top-down process. The way we create and share knowledge is as important as the content. We help our clients to design collaborative trainings, that strongly engage participants, leave broad space for experimentation and collective intelligence, and create a learning journey that goes far beyond the training itself. 



We believe innovation is a process and a mindset.

Innovating is not about adding new layers of activities, services or products on top of existing ones. It is the creation of new models that make existing ones obsolete. We help our clients in their innovation process by creating the disruptive moments, the organizational conditions and the collective connections that allow to think out of the box.


We believe in group genius.

It is not only possible but highly beneficial to make decisions as a group. Robust decisions rely on the involvement of those who will execute and implement. We help our clients to accelerate the decision process and foster engagement through action oriented work sessions.


We believe in fairness. 
Teams engagement is key to effective leadership and sustainable change. We help our clients to involve all their stakeholders and get their full contribution by designing bottom-up frameworks and moments of  co-construction.


We don’t believe in monthly meetings!
There is no such thing as conveying all stakeholders in the same room to create common language, shared understanding and fast decision making. We help our clients to accelerate their projects by organising interactive and iterative workshops to pass milestones and spread new ways of working

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